New York State Police

New York State Police Laboratory records related to CPL 245.20(1)(s) are now available online.

Breath Testing Records related to NYSP breath testing instruments, Draeger 9510 and the Reference Dry Gas used by NYSP, are available at
You will need to know the Instrument Serial Number and/or the Reference Material Lot Number in order to perform your search.
NOTE: Records related to simulator solution testing performed for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) are provided directly to DCJS. Any requests for those records can be directed to DCJS.

Toxicology Instrument Records are available at the
Toxicology Instrument Records are searchable by the instrument name.
NOTE: A list of the toxicology instruments used in a case can be found in your Discovery Packet.

Prosecutor Discovery Guide can be found here.

Questions or concerns can be emailed to